Why I eschew Facebook, etc.

     The social networking sites that I have seen, although they may often be quite useful, all require that we format our messages in various ways that these sites can accommodate. There is a great deal of individuality lost when 500,000,000 people present themselves in much the same way, as is the case with Facebook.

     On the other hand, the system of website addresses instituted at the genesis of the World Wide Web allows every single person to have one's own unique presence on the web. I prefer to utilize the domain system, i.e., my own URL, and my own web design than to use structured websites.

     In creating my own website, I remain free from the regimenting strictures of preformed webpages, free of advertisements, and free to be myself. (Although this freedom costs money. —Surprise!  ...Oy.) On the other hand, I am limited to what I can do without my own server and without the skills requisite to creation of the interactivity of networking sites.

     It's a trade-off that I choose for the sake of individuality in a world of horribly growing regimentation of thought and communication. Also, I hope that my website is simply more fun for visitors than another Facebook page; so far, it is certainly more fun for me.