How to respond to Harvard President Claudine Gay's resignation?
     My reaction is simply a continuation of my reaction to the irrational hysteria that has ruled our society for decades. We live in a culture that demands from us standards of behavior that we consciously know are insane. We post speed limit signs that make no sense whatever and are at odds with safety (that is, if you obey them, you die from getting rear-ended.) We use words constantly that have been drained of all meaning, even when they have no alternative (e.g. "Bob Dylan is synonymous with the 1960's"; hence what do you say when you actually mean "synonymous"?) We expect a brilliant university president to say exactly the right thing to elicit the exactly right responses from people who all respond differently from each other (i.e., we are smugly outraged when a leader doesn't provide us with the impossible.)
     I am very sorry that President Claudine Gay quit. If I had my druthers, I'd have had the Harvard Corporation publish a letter telling the world that, if President Gay wasn't good enough, it should go find a better World's Greatest University and Good Luck with that!
-Genghis Lapointe, ALB '98

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