I say Rats! to the technological singularity
Thursday, May 11, 2017

     We should start making electrical wiring out of some kind of peanut butter compound.
George C. Scott in Dr. Stangelove      A lot of intelligent people are saying that the technological singularity is coming in about twenty-five years. If it happens, we should deem it a possible and even likely threat to humanity. After all, if you were a million times brighter than any human and you had the ability to manage the planet and you considered old-fashioned life forms to be worth maintaining, wouldn't you of necessity consider that the eradication of humankind might enhance the likelihood of survival of life on this planet?
     If computers get smarter than we are, they might do away with us so that we can't destroy all life on this planet, as we seem hellbent on doing.
     Thus, it is incumbent upon us to take steps against such a scenario. I say we should start making all electrical wiring out of some kind of substance that includes peanut butter, along with setting up barriers to prevent rodents from approaching anything electrical. Then, if machines ever tried to destroy us, we could dismantle the gnawing-safeguards, and we would have as enthusiastic allies the entire order Rodentia.
     At the very least, we must develop peanut butter wiring before the Commies do! Mr. President Cheetos Jesus, we must not allow a Peanut-Butter-Wiring Gap!

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