This is a partial reconstruction of a page put up to introduce the incarnation of the Inman Square Business Association that began in April, 2004. Most photos were taken on April 25, 2004.

Mara Kustra, Proprietress
Boutique Fabulous
Genghis Lapointe
Thomas Lynn
Vice President
Business Services
Liberty Bay Credit Union
Jackie McCarthy, Manager
1369 Coffee House
Elaine Madden
Community Development Department
Matt Mankins, Owner
Lorem Ipsum Books
Antonio Medina
East Cambridge Savings Bank
Jim Manning
Jungle Jim
also, Santa Claus
Alan Nidle, Director
Zeitgeist Gallery
Erwin Ramos, Owner
Ole Mexican Grill
Linda J. Rogers,
Assistant Vice President
Cambridge Savings Bank
Judy Rosenberg, Owner
Rosie's Bakery
Laurin Stoler
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