The Chief at Klamath Falls Grandpêre et Moi
Groundhog Day, 2012
     A hundred years ago, Edward Curtis roamed the Northwest documenting native peoples, taking photographs and making wax cylinder recordings. I like his pictures and for forty years have kept on my wall an old and stained print of his "The Chief at Klamath Falls." A clean copy is at right.
     Yesterday, a generous chum doubled my collection. He bought a copy of Curtis' photo of Lahkeudup of the Skokomish, taken in 1912. He acquired it for me because he saw a family resemblance to my own partly native self.
     Working alone today with a shutter remote, I tried, optimistically, to replicate the shot. The result was disappointing, and it fails to illustrate what is, in the flesh, a stronger resemblance.
Lahkeudup and Genghis