Dead Memory Day!  
August 8, 2010, Fall River, Massachusetts & nearby

After the demolition of the grammar school that I attended, I decided to go look at the empty space; to declare, for the fun of it, "Dead Memory Day!"; and to make a tour of a few of the other venues of my youth.

A Favorite Picnic Area
In the 1950's and '60's, this was a rest area beside Route 24.
(By the way, my father, like all other WWII vets, got a houselot after his discharge; that houselot was taken by eminent domain to build Route 24.)

Blessed Sacrament Church
Where I was baptized.
The visible cement is the walkway to the front steps.

Prevost High School
Now a parking lot.

Lincoln Park
The amusement park in Dartmouth.
Remnants of the roller coaster are visible.

Camp Noquochoke
The Boy Scout land.
The swimming pool is one of the last traces.

Ste. Anne's School
aka St. Anne School, aka Ecole Ste. Anne
The biggest grammar school in the history of Fall River and environs.

And one more thing...
Billboard at Globe Corners
When I was an altar boy, it was wine!

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