Xmas wreath Baby Jesus
December 24, 2013
     Early in what later came to be called the fourth century anno Domini, the Jesus cult comprised only about twenty percent of the population of the Mediterranean basin. However, Constantine, emperor of the eastern half of the Roman Empire, saw in the monotheistic, fatalist, paternalistic new religion a structure ideal for the development of a totalitarian state. In 325, he called the Council of Nicea to centralize its authority, and he made Christianity the state religion.
     The basic tenet of the religion is the belief that this world and all its people are disposable and that life on earth is only but a test for admission into a place of eternal bliss. Therefore, the endurance of slavery, along with war and any other savagery, is not only perfectly fine; it is good for maximum credit at Heaven's Gate. For two millenia, the Resurrection has been the foundation of Western Civilization.
     It is all very sickening, of course, but that is no reason not to use the excuse to party...
Merry Christmas!