Really DELIcious
Friday, November 18, 2011
     Stopped today for sandwiches and such at a place that I had not visited since the greybeard owner's hair was black. I was ebullient that the place is everything and more than I had remembered.Barry's Village Deli
     Barry's Village Deli in Waban is the real deal, as far as this gentile can figure. The Rachel's pastrami with Russian dressing was just between "Yes, I'd be willing to die happily of a heart attack from a superabundance of these!" and "Well, no, I won't get circumcised to get more."
     I brought back to Cambridge some latkes for a client who has more experience than I with delicatessen fare, and she averred that they were the best she had ever had.
     If one ventures near the Waban neighborhood of Newton, one should seek this spot, if only for its ethnic genuineness, if not for its otherworldly Rachel sandwich.
     Please excuse the title of this little entry. It was inspired by an old photograph I once saw of a roadside store in an area of the South where it was illegal to advertise that alcohol was offered. On the side of the building was an humongous sign reading, "COLD BEvERages."