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Odds and Ends *
My webpages have been scattered around the internet for a couple of decades now. I'm moving some of them to this domain. There are plenty still located elsewhere.

Sinatra stamp Sinatra in the Square
This is typical of my photojournalism done for my neighborhood. There are many more entries within the InmanSquare.com domain.

Photos of the now demolished Ste. Anne's School
My grade school alma mater in Fall River, Massachusetts held an open house at its demise. This page includes a link to my interior photos, as well as links to other collections.

Robert Monaco
     Rob was, I noticed quickly when I met him, one of the most alive people with whom I have had the luck to share a few meetings. He was a pilot, and the one time I flew with him I saw the World Trade Center, for the only time I ever saw it, from his copilot's seat. On a later leg of the same flight, he asked Logan for an FL of 25 (flight level of 2,500 feet) for "passenger view" over the Prudential. Well, I could have spit on the Pru, not more that a couple of hundred of feet away; he told me that, when he gave his father a similar ride, he flew between the Pru and the John Hancock Tower, which fact means that he had done the fly-by even lower.
     He took five people with him when he went outside the envelope. I wish he had gone alone, as I am sure he would have preferred.
     I put up this page in fond remembrance of him and in order to share some of the photos that he emailed me circa 1999.

FireSled (firesled.com)
This half-baked website is one of my worst. I plan to do something with this domain one of these millenia.

Lightning strikes close by
I think this was the only time I've ever heard lightning sizzle.

Ernie's Fishing Diary 2002
This is the log of every outing in 2002 of an angler with the nom de pêche Ernie. Caveat: This page is exceedingly boring even for people who fish.

The closing of Daddy-O's Bohemian Cafe
Photos taken at the closing party, where the glitterati were outnumbered only by the cognoscenti.

Daddy-O's - Ten Years After
The reunion party.

Bill's fiftieth birthday
This silly and ancient website is one of hundreds of such photo collections, but this one was done before there were many digital cameras and before most people had broadband.

Lucy and Joel's wedding (lucyandjoel.com)
This photo collection is much more recent than the above and includes what I think is the best photo I've ever taken.

Elm Street Ironworks (elmstreetironworks.com)
I created and maintain this website for a friend about his mechanical engineering —mostly the building of steam engines— and about the 1836 house he renovated.

Stata Center
I took these photos in 2004, when the new computer science buildings at MIT were brand-spanking-new. This place gets my nomination for first tourist stop in Cambridge.

Some lines from the first Boy Scout Handbook
Explicit imperialism at its finest and funniest gets hits regularly.

My top ten reasons for growing tomatoes upside-down
A pal sent me photos that included upside-down plants; this was my response.

Dead Memory Day
This page might be fun for folks who went to grade and high schools with me in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Those huge "goldfish" in Walden Pond
An extremely small percentage of the millions who have visited Walden have seen these fish.

The Cause of the Peloponnesian War
This term paper get hits from all over. I wonder sometimes if it's right to have it on the web. I put it up as an example of my academic writing, but it's not hard to surmise that it's more often used as a cheat.

Personal website circa 1999
I still think the remote control idea (which was not my invention) is cute.

My first website
This is what my first website looked like, created during the time when we were all trying to figure out how to use this new monster called the World Wide Web. One day in 1996, the Harvard Computer Society ran a brief seminar in the Extension computer lab to introduce interested students to website design, telling us that we would all have websites within the hour. We did, on FAS servers. I continued to work on mine, and this is the result. I killed off all the links when moving the page to this domain, because most were obsolete.

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*This page exists to allow webcrawlers and hence people to find some of my pages that might not be linked elsewhere. Please understand that many of my pages, such as photo albums, are deliberately hidden from public view; if you need to see one of those, please email me. Unfortunately, there are also more than a few pages out there that I've forgotten.

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