Took a day off and headed for the woods
October 28, 2010

There were only a few hours of work to do to finish a major outdoor project (a house I have been painting) and the temperature was predicted to reach a high of seventy-five. I took off to the woods for a little fishing and a bit of woodcutting.

I pulled in a couple of bluegill sunfish like this one (underwater, still on my line)...


...before reeling in this beauty... rainbow trout
rainbow trout

rainbow trout

...which I let go. Then I left for another pond, where I had left, last Sunday, the trunk of a fallen pine self-cantilevered from its roots. This is the end of the trunk:

The very green and sappy trunk hung across a vicious thornbush of some kind; I had to lay down a piece of plywood to get decent footing so that, in case of something untoward happening with the electric chainsaw, I could avoid cutting off any human limbs. (I generally take care to discriminate between animal and vegetable when using power tools.)

On the other hand, I rarely pay attention
to the little things, and, in fact, never notice
them until later when I spot some
red about my person.
This happens all the time;
I think it has something to do
with avoiding major disasters
and enjoying intensity of effort.

I left a slice by the roots, but most I piled for later disposal.

A very good day off.

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